Why Work with Piper?

Former Headhunter with a Gift for Marketing Talent,
and an Insider's Understanding of How the Market Works


Shelly Piper
Founder & CEO, TCA Branding Solutions


I am a former headhunter who went rogue 10 years ago, and transitioned to the other side of "The Talent Equation" so that I could enable candidates (people like you) to gain The Competitive Advantage in the marketplace. 

I've spent the last decade working 1:1 with 3,000+ job seekers (Aspiring-to-CXO) and observed consistent patterns that sabotaged their effectiveness in the market, and sabotaged them from gaining The Competitive Advantage (TCA) for the jobs they wanted.


The services I offer were built to address these challenges. 

As an executive branding & GTM strategist and award-winning resume writer, I am known asking the thought-provoking questions that challenge clients to rethink their brand and existing GTM strategy, while unearthing powerful value propositions and insights that give my clients The Competitive Advantage (TCA). 


Repeatedly, clients have shared with me that the highly consultative and comprehensive branding process I guide them through has been a transformational experience for them. 

As a former headhunter and recruiter, I bring an insider lens to the table when working with clients to strategically tailor their pitch, messaging, and branding strategy as needed for diverse target audiences for best effect.

As the founder and CEO of TCA Branding Solutions (a division of Piper Strategy LLC), I have continued to evolve and shape the business based on specific principles and values, with a decision to keep the practice small and intimate focused on (1) Quality vs. Quantity, (2) Client ROI, (3) Outcomes vs. Output, and (4) Excellence. 

As a result of this commitment, I do not outsource any branding consultation or project work to subcontractors. All branding consultations and collateral development is kept in-house to ensure the utmost experience, impact, and results for my clients.


When you decide to partner with TCA, you will be working directly with me as your branding strategist, thought partner, and writer.  

If you are serious about your brand and want to work in a true partnership with an experienced branding specialist, let's talk. I look forward to learning more about your forward-facing goals and crafting a branding solution that will empower you in achieving those pursuits. 

To your empowerment, 


Founder, CEO, & Executive Branding Strategist 

TCA Branding Solutions, a division of Piper Strategy LLC