Former Headhunter with a Gift for Marketing Talent,
and an Insider's Understanding of How the Market Works

Why TCA?

First and foremost, I am a strategist.


I take a highly strategic approach to developing brand messaging and deliverables needed to best support my clients with their personal marketing campaigns and GTM strategy, and partner with world-class coaches to empower clients in executing against the roadmap for success. 

As a former headhunter and recruiter, I felt compelled to build this practice, as I observed so many struggle to market themselves effectively, ...and I had an innate gift for helping them transform how they approached the market and the results they achieved as a result of our work together. 

I enjoy building long-term, meaningful relationships with my clients and seeing them flourish as a result of our work (partnership) together. Launching in 2010, I've continued to evolve and shape the business based on very specific principles and values. Based on this, I made a decision to keep the practice small and intimate with a focus on (1) ensuring quality over quantity; (2) dedication to my client's ROI; and (3) a fierce focus on outcomes and impact, versus output.


As a result of this commitment to excellence, I do not outsource any branding consultation or project work to subcontractors. I keep consultations and brand development work in-house to ensure the utmost experience, impact, and results for my clients. When you decide to partner with TCA, you will be working directly with me as your branding strategist, thought partner, and writer. 

As a seasoned board, executive, and senior leadership branding strategist and award-winning resume writer, I provide more than a decade of experience and have worked 1:1 with 3,000+ clients. I am known for my ability to challenge clients in rethinking their brand while unearthing compelling value differentiators that set them apart from the crowd. As a former headhunter and recruiter, I bring this insider lens to the table when working with  clients to carefully tailor their pitch, messaging, and branding strategy as needed for diverse target audiences for best effect.


Relentless in my work, I consistently go the extra mile and set the bar high to ensure the success of my clients. Known as a straight shooter, I provide tough love when needed. This helps to ensure that clients are not spinning their wheels on activities and strategies that yield minimal results.


For the past 9+ years, I served as a senior member of an executive branding team at an award-winning outplacement firm in Silicon Valley, where I built a reputation for my ability to take on and tackle some of the most challenging executive branding projects.


With a background steeped in branding and marketing strategy, I am a certified and award-winning executive resume writer, and studied business, marketing, copywriting, and public relations at some of Boston's most recognized academic institutions, completing my BSBA cum laude at Northeastern University. 

If you are serious about your brand and want to work in a true partnership relationship with an experienced branding specialist, let's talk. I look forward to learning more about your forward-facing goals and crafting a branding solution that will empower you in achieving those pursuits. 

To your empowerment and success, 


Founder, CEO, & Executive Branding Strategist 

TCA Branding Solutions, a division of Piper Strategy LLC


Shelly Piper
Founder & CEO, TCA Branding Solutions