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Are you (truly) ready to head to the market? 


As an aspiring leader or executive seeking that next opportunity, are you truly ready to head to the market? 

Ask yourself... 

 ➟ Am I clear where I am headed?

 ➟ Am I aligned to where I will get the best traction? 

 ➟ Am I using the right GTM strategies? 

 ➟ Am I "branding" effectively with recruiters? 

 ➟ Have I uniquely differentiated my offer?

 ➟ Or am winging-it?

 ➟ What is my positioning statement?

 ➟ Do I know how tailor my pitch for audiences?

 ➟ Do I feel ready to negotiate the best package? 

If you are ready,
do you have a game plan?

Without a well thought-out game plan that first clarifies what you want, and then architects the strategy needed to get you there, you run the risk of spinning your wheels and being ineffective in your job search ...with a strong possibility of ending up somewhere you don't want to be due to:

 ➟ it's not a good culture or values fit,

 ➟ it's an environment that doesn't enable you to flourish and grow,

 ➟ it's a toxic environment that directly impacts your emotional wellness,

 ➟ it's an environment where you do not feel appreciated, 

 ➟ it's an environment where you actually do not have a seat at the table,

 ➟ it doesn't set the stage for your future career goals,

 ➟ it doesn't challenge you. 


Your choice.


Head in strategically, or wing it.


Which will it be? 


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