Headhunter Mindset

Insider Perspective To Drive Your Branding

As a former headhunter and recruiter, I have seen first-hand what transpires behind the scenes when identifying talent for the hiring process. 


For hours on end, I have scoured LinkedIn and other online platforms in the hunt for the right candidate, and from this experience, know how recruiters source talent and make the decisions on which candidates they call for an opportunity.

By bringing this insider perspective to the table when working with clients, I am able to help them break through the stigmas, nuances, and pigeon-holing could be impacting their search.

As a relentless advocate for a more holistic branding approach, I am committed to ensuring that your branding and job search strategy are built on a solid foundation. 

Conducting a "check the box" exercise when working with clients —is not in my DNA.


Nor is solely relying on an antiquated questionnaire process.  


After working closely 1:1 with 3,000+ professionals to date, I know that this doesn't work.