TCA's Customer Intimacy Model Encompasses the following 7 Critical Steps to (Highly) Effective Branding:  

Looking for a heavy questionnaire-laden process that relies on YOU to come to the table already knowing your brand, and then to have you work with a subcontractor (writer) with whom you never get a chance to connect with by phone? 

Then you've come to the wrong website.  TCA is not that kind of service. 
Sure, we can take on a rush project here and there and that will get the job done for those one-off situations. 
But for those playing in the Senior Leader, Executive-to-CXO space, a more comprehensive consultation is needed for best results, traction, and alignment in the market. 

The 7-step Branding Consultation Process outlined below was built on over a decade of experience working 1:1 with 3,000+ clients, where all the caveats, challenges, and complexity are addressed on the front-end before you head to the market with your new branding platform and collateral. 

TCA's process is state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind providing tremendous value on multiple levels. Over the years, this unique consultative process has been referred by clients as "a transformational experience" that reset the stage for their search, and strengthened their confidence and understanding of how they uniquely provide value in the market. 

TCA's 7-Step Process for (Highly) Effective Branding:


Clarity is Paramount

Jumping in without to drive further clarification may seem like the reasonable way to approach. I often hear, "Have to get this done! I need it now!"


But in reality, if you choose to go this route, you could be severely impacting your search and effectiveness in the market, not to mention alignment to the types of opportunities and goals that best suit and align to who you are today. 

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Market Validation & Alignment

Through our work together we also discuss and challenge whether or not you are positioning yourself correctly or for best impact in the market. 

Where necessitated, I will guide you in a process that enables you to drive further market validation and alignment. This way, we build a foundation that ensures your success. 



Target Audiences

Defining, understanding the nuances, and then refining your personal brand messaging, positioning, and platform overall as it relates to your intended audience(s) is crucial. 

Refining your messaging to your Target Audience, coupled with a deeper understanding of your UVP as it relates to your Target Audience, will enable you to edge out your competition every. single. time. 

I work extensively with my clients to teach them these strategic principles and also incorporate this into the branding strategy and deliverables, so that they are equipped to gain The Competitive Advantage (TCA).

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UVP Mining

Next we curate the achievements, the stories, and the insights needed to make a statement and build credibility regarding ability to deliver on your brand promise.


With my clients, I always dig deep and ask the thought-provoking questions that unearth unique value propositions; UVPs that clients are often unaware of, have taken for granted, and did not understand to be unique.


This happens all the time actually.  

As a result of our work together, my clients are able to head into the market with a completely new understanding and insight to their UVP, and leverage this to gain The Competitive Advantage (TCA). 



Storytelling Narrative

The next step is to always understand the Lay of the Land and provide contextual background that brings the story to life. This is what takes everything to the next level and creates greater stickiness to your brand and marketing collateral.

This step also entails connecting the dots, creating a cohesive strategic narrative that bridges all your experience to articulate a grounded storyline to your brand.

Without this step, your personal branding will fall flat, sound too "corporate speak" and not compelling or authentic, and will come across as fragmented to your audience. 

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Again, the more you are willing to understand how the "game is played" and the caveats that crop up when you are trying to "be all things to all people" with one resume, the better equipped you will be to gain The Competitive Advantage (TCA).

When working with my clients, I always stress the importance of tailoring for different audiences and opportunities. 

The Solution Packages I created include these services and consultation as an add-on to ensure that my clients are set up for success. 

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