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"Changing the way I see myself is the most valuable gift 
I've received
from working with you.

Having better written collateral, too, is the icing on the cake."

-IT, Strategic Initiatives Director, Retail

"Shelly had a great way of seeing the most valuable threads of my career story, and I was impressed how quickly she could extract the key information from our calls.


She built an incredible search packet for me and it got me noticed! I have enthusiastically recommended Shelly, and will continue to do so.


She’s doing amazing work to deeply impact people who need guidance on building effective career collateral."

-VP, Retail Operations

"I have known Shelly since early this year when I attended her “Get Back to Work” employment boot camp series.


Shelly is an enthusiastic and dynamic leader who instills motivation and hands-on practicality to the job search.


I went to other seminars and paid big bucks for a “career coach”, but it was not until meeting Shelly that all the pieces were sorted out and a logical strategy was planned. 

Shelly’s methodology was doable, cost effective, and inspiring.


Her “boot camps” brought home many points that I overlooked while consulting with others and reading books."

-Head of Investments

"As a professional writer, I thought I knew how to write a résumé. Shelly has showed me the difference that expertise makes.


By conducting a skillful and patient interview, she drew out connections in my past work that I had completely ignored, then organized my résumé into a much stronger document that highlighted my achievements and skills.


I strongly recommend her services for anyone who wants to put their best foot forward

-Sr. Writer, Media & Entertainment

"Shelly is a passionate, creative and analytical business parter. She knows how to bring the best out in people and help them represent themselves to the fullest!


She is unrelenting in her work and offers a unique industry leading perspective and positive coaching style that is unsurpassed by many."

-CTO, Cyber Solutions

"I had the fortune of meeting Shelly when I needed guidance transitioning from a corporate career to my own business. I was very passionate about this project, but needed some guidance to get started.


Marketing and building brands comes naturally to me, but when it came to looking at myself, my career trajectory, strengths and abilities - I was too close to to the product (myself) to have the right perspective. In the first five minutes of speaking with Shelly, I knew I was in the most capable hands. 

Shelly is a master communicator and an extraordinary listener. After a quick initial meeting she had already compiled a list of my key strengths, opportunities and brilliant insights about additional industries that would be a great fit for me.

I like to think of Shelly as a branding and marketing master, focussing on people instead of products. She is also a brilliant coach, assisting executives to realize their full potential by helping them see themselves from a different, wider perspective than their comfort zone has allowed.


Shelly is an exceptionally gifted coach and I cannot thank her enough for all the great work, advice and inspiration that she has provided through the years."

-VP Retail Marketing, Media & Entertainment

"Hi, Shelly – I would like to thank you again for the AMAZING phone call this morning. I have been doing my research and I am very excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. Thanks again for renewing my spirits."

"I want to again compliment you on the way you conducted the phone interview with me last Friday. You asked great questions & spent a lot of time listening, which I appreciated. This is my last shot before retirement in 7-9 years to get back to where I want to be financially, so the writing is critical. You are a pro."

-Various Testimonials

"Shelly helped me attain clarity and fostered a renewed commitment to creating the career I’ve always wanted.


When I got my final materials from her, on a whim I applied to various positions via the corporate websites, and was called by all of them for interviews. This rarely happens! 


I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a hard-hitting résumé writer that delivers results and/or a partner in discovering what’s next in one’s professional life."

-VP Corporate Communications, Fortune 1000 Technology

"Shelly is a cut above the rest of the résumé writers I’ve worked with and takes a unique and thoughtful approach to learning about her clients before beginning their resume.  She asks great questions and takes the time to dig deeper and unveil aspects of her clients’ goals and ambitions that they may be blind to.

-SVP Relationship Management, Market Research & Analytics

"Shelly is one of the top résumé writers at Jobfox. Her client satisfaction rate is 100%. Shelly had also been a keynote speaker for our Get Hired webinar series which attracts over 500 people each session. Shelly always presents interesting and original ideas in her sessions. She is a high energy and inspiring speaker and we feel lucky to have her on our team."

-Chief Revenue Officer, JobFox

"Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful, easy conversation tonight diving into my career! You have made me excited about myself again professionally, and you certainly dug a lot of things out of my memory that I would have NEVER thought to include in my resume! Thanks again!"

-VP Operations, Hospitality

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