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Let TCA's Signature Branding Process Help You Navigate this Next Step in Your Journey

Looking for a heavy questionnaire-laden process that relies on YOU to come to the table already knowing your brand, having you work with a subcontractor (writer) with whom you will never get a chance to connect with by phone, or a process that is so stringent there is no room to explore and iterate? 

Then you've come to the wrong place.

TCA is not that kind of service. 
Sure, we can take on a rush project here and there and that will get the job done for those one-off situations. 
But for those playing in the $250K+ to 7-figure space or for those desiring to launch their own consulting offer within a saturated, competitive market, a more comprehensive consultation is needed for best results. 

TCA's Proprietary 7-Step Branding Consultation Process outlined below was built on over a decade of experience in working 1:1 with 3,000+ clients, where all the caveats, challenges, and complexity are addressed on the front-end before you head to the market. 

This process is state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind providing tremendous value on multiple levels; often referred to by clients as a transformational experience that reset the stage and strengthened their confidence and understanding of how they uniquely provide value in the market. 


The Process, in a Nutshell:

Step 1

Hold the Discovery Call to ensure good fit.


During this call, we discuss your future-facing goals and the challenges specific to the nuances of your search. 

Everyone's search and the challenges they face as they head to the market are so uniquely different, I cannot stress this enough. 


It's important we get clear on the front-end before any next steps are taken. 

Step 2

Once you decide to move forward, a few admin tasks need to be addressed and prep work forwarded to you.


Prep work is mostly comprised of Customized Thought Starter Questions; questions specifically tailored to your search that challenge you on how you are presently articulating your value narrative, and more. 

Step 3

Next, we hold the two highly consultative Strategy Calls. 

Each call is 60 minutes.


You will be working directly with me.


I do not outsource this critical part of the process.


Nor do I outsource any of the marketing document development process, as both of these steps are crucial in setting you up for success in the market.

Step 4

Once these steps are completed, I develop the drafts and we continue to iterate throughout the revision process.


Often times, there will be additional insights and "aha! moments" that pop up, and we will want to be sure to incorporate these into the overarching strategy and messaging. 

At this juncture, if you need coaching for the next steps of your search, I will connect you with one of my carefully vetted colleagues to work with you 1:1 in supporting you to perfect these areas of your search strategy.  

The Proprietary Customer Intimacy Model
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