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Former Headhunter with a Gift for Marketing Talent and an Insider's Understanding of How the Market Works

​Hi and welcome.
I am Shelly Piper, CEO and founder of TCA Branding Solutions. 
As a former headhunter and recruiter, I transitioned to the other side of 'The Talent Equation' to empower talented individuals (people like you) in gaining The Competitive Advantage (TCA) in the market.

Over the past decade, I've worked 1:1 with 3,000+ professionals, from Aspiring-to-CXO, and observed consistent patterns that sabotaged their effectiveness in the market and in their ability to gain The Competitive Advantage for opportunities they were pursuing. 
The services I offer were built to address these challenges. 

As an executive branding strategist and award-winning resume writer, I am known for asking the thought-provoking, tough questions that challenge clients to rethink their brand and go-to-market strategy, while unearthing powerful value stories and insights that give my clients The Competitive Advantage. 

As CEO and founder, I built TCA based on a specific principles and values: 


  • Integrity-Based Consultation and Solutions

  • Client-Intimacy Model (Long-Term Relationship-Based vs. Transactional)

  • Fierce Focus on Results & Client ROI

  • Commitment to Quality vs. Quantity

  • Relentless Commitment to Excellence

As a result of this commitment, I do not outsource any branding consultation or project work to subcontractors. All branding consultations and collateral development is kept in-house to ensure the utmost experience, impact, and results for my clients.
When you decide to partner with TCA, you will be working directly with me as your branding strategist, thought partner, and writer.  

If you are serious about your brand and want to work in a true partnership with an experienced branding specialist, let's talk.
I look forward to learning more about your forward-facing goals and crafting a branding solution that will empower you in achieving those pursuits. 

To your empowerment, 


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