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It had been several months now, and despite posting her existing resume to hundreds of job postings and websites within a hot IT market, Trish was not getting any call backs or traction with her job search. She had been with the same Fortune 100 company for 15+ years, holding progressive roles in IT project and program management.

Due to a major divesture of her business unit to private equity in 2017, she would soon be out of a job in 5 months. Time was ticking. 

Growing concerned about her future to provide as the primary breadwinner to her family, she reached out to me.


One of the biggest challenges executive job seekers face is that after years of driving for results, they are too close to it, meaning they are too close to the product (themselves). Such was in the case as Tess. Tess also struggled with talking about herself, organizing her thoughts around her unique value proposition, and taking credit for her achievements and impact.

Additionally, her existing resume was (1) not optimized for her specific search, (2) did not speak a "leadership language" in demonstrating her team leadership capabilities (she wanted a management role, so this was critical), (3) did not clearly communicate the types of IT initiatives she worked on, so the value prop was muddy and unclear to the reader. 

Through our calls (and we held many!) we were able to pull together her narrative and key achievements, and organize these in a manner that (1) demonstrated her leadership capabilities, (2) demonstrated she had backbone, (3) was highly optimized for the specific IT roles she was interested in pursuing, (4) gave her credit where credit was due, and (5) clearly communicated the types of IT initiatives she had been involved in so that the reader could clearly understand. 

The new resume also (1) has a more sophisticated look and design, (2) "pops" more to the reader, and (3) again, was specifically organized and designed to show progressive roles/leadership and make this very easy for the reader to scan and quickly grasp where she fit into the organization. Critical! 


Upon uploading her new resume and LinkedIn profile, Tess began getting calls immediately from recruiters for the types of roles she WANTED to pursue - again, this was critical.

Within 2 short months, she landed a new leadership opportunity with a company nearby, enabling her to spend quality time with her family, while pursuing the next growth chapter in her IT career. 


Program Manager Leader Resume BEFORE.png


IT PMO Leadership Resume Sample 2019.png
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