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TCA was built on the premise of empowering clients to gain The Competitive Advantage (TCA) by helping them to unearth, understand, and OWN their unique value proposition, and then bring that forth with powerful, compelling branding that resets the stage for their success. 


This is achieved by leading my clients through a progressive, proprietary strategic branding process on the front-end, and then strategically crafting marketing materials that are on-point, relevant, and relatable to the intended target audience, as well as fully optimized for an ATS, online, or LinkedIn search. 

To learn more how I have been able to change the game for my clients, take a look through the case studies below. 

*All names, companies, and other pertinent information have been changed to protect client confidentiality.



Trish had been with the same Fortune 100 company for 15+ years, holding progressive roles in IT project and program management.


Due to a major divesture of her business unit to private equity in 2017, she would soon be out of a job in 5 months.


She had posted her existing resume online for months to 100s of job postings, but getting zero traction.


Growing concerned about her future to provide as the primary breadwinner to her family, she reached out to me.


Lisa had evolved and grown significantly in recent years, but struggled to convey her new value proposition internally.

As a result, she was getting passed over for larger roles that would advance her career, future capabilities, and earning potential.

Frustrated, she reached out to me.



David had held progressive roles in pharmacy operations at the same hospital system for 15+ years.

Then, in 2016, he was caught off guard and let go as a result of a new executive leadership team installment. 

He had posted his existing resume online for months, and yet had zero traction.

Growing concerned, he reached out to me for help.


Adam had repeatedly walked through the fire for years at a leading payments company.

He was always "taking one for the team," and called on to turn around severely jeopardized client relationships and failed project initiatives. 

It was surprising to him that despite his significant achievements, he was getting zero traction with his existing resume. 

In addition, the division he worked for was showing signs of shuttering soon.

Growing concerned, he reached out to me.

Credit Card


Paul had always envisioned moving to Los Angeles to land a highly coveted executive role within the Media & Entertainment industry.

As a Senior Director with 15+ years' experience and significant success in conceptualizing and operationalizing large entertainment venues, he had a vision of where he wanted to take his career...

But it had been >1 year, and he was not getting any traction in the marketplace. Frustrated, he reached out to me.

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Case Study 4: Payments PMO Leadership
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