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Tackling Messy, Complex Personal Branding Challenges for Senior Leaders to the C-Suite for Over a Decade

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Each Job Search Pursuit is Unique, Requiring a Customized, Tailored Approach for Best Results

5 Ways I Can Help You:

Board Directorship Pursuits 

$100K+ Aspiring-to-Senior Leader Pursuits

$200K+ to 7-Figure Executive Pursuits

Private Equity PORTCO Pursuits

Consulting & Thought Leadership Pursuits

Gain The Competitive Advantage 
Are you in? 
Join 2K+ in gaining The Competitive Advantage (TCA).
Every Saturday morning, you'll get 1 actionable tip to refine, launch, and socialize your job search. 

What TCA Does:

Empower Clients by Helping Them Understand, Align, & Powerfully Articulate their UVP in the Market
Enabling the Ability to Land Better Opportunities Faster. 

Are you tired of being just another "number" in someone's production calendar?

I thought so. 

That's why TCA is shaking things up and challenging the "traditional" approach to branding.

As an award-winning personal branding consultancy,TCA Branding Solutions was founded in 2010 and built on a mission of revolutionizing how Aspiring-to-CXO to Thought Leaders approach the market for that "next opportunity."

We subscribe to a Customer Intimacy Model  that enables us to build deeper, richer, long-term relationships with our clients along their journey to "what's next," while holding steadfast to our values of integrity, transparency, and excellence. 

Our 7-step proprietary branding consultation model is highly consultative, leveraging over a decade of hands-on, 1:1 client branding experience and a deep insider's perspective on how the market works, gleaned from experience as a former headhunter and recruiter. 

TCA clients come with messy, complex branding challenges that require a seasoned branding strategist, a deep-dive/structured methodology, and an acute understanding of the caveats and pigeonholing that can impede search efforts, to shape a branding strategy and powerful, marketing documents that generate better aligned, faster results. 

Curious to learn more?

VP, Corporate Communications, Fortune 1000 Tech

Shelly helped me attain clarity and fostered a renewed

commitment to creating the career I've always wanted.

When I got my final materials from her, on a whim, I applied to various positions via the corporate websites, and was called by all of them for interviews. This rarely happens!

I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a hard-hitting resume writer that delivers results and/or a partner in discovering what's next in one's professional life.

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